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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

rock armour and enkamatRock armour and Geo-Textile
greenhart piles, coir palletsGreenhart piles and coir pallets

Smestow Brook (Hinksford Caravan Park):

In May 2011 we completed an 8 week project for South Staffordshire Council to install 300m of river bank erosion protection and increase flood storage capacity


Arisings from historical dredging works had raised the bank opposite Hinksford Caravan Park preventing the natural over topping into the water meadow during high flows. This was resulting in accelerated bank erosion and loss of land at the Caravan Park.

In association with 3rd Party consultants South Staffordshire Council developed a design incorporating sheet piles, slope stabilization and bank re-profiling in the worst effected areas totalling 240m on each bank, for which we successfully tendered

Works Carried Out:

Boreholes revealed that bed conditions were not suitable for the proposed sheet piles so an alternative solution was devised.

Willowbank proposed an alternative revetment system which gave the required level of retained height and erosion protection at a reduced cost per linear meter.

This combined with revisions to the design of the areas of slope stabilization allowed both banks to undergo works over the whole 300m length of the site within the budget original set aside for 240m 

The resultant design gave the erosion protection and increased flood capacity required while also greatly enhancing the habitat over the 300m

Client Feed Back:

“On behalf of the Council I would like to thank you and your company for the stirling job to the river edge and the opposite flood plain that has now permanently stabilised our embankment to prevent future land loss. We were particularly impressed by your staff's knowledge of all aspects of the operations and their informative attitude to adjacent resident's enquiries whilst work progressed. Your speedy response to necessary changes in the scope of works due to the discovery of unsympathetic bed rock conditions. Your inventive design options to overcome potential difficulties was particularly appreciated, by both ourselves at the Council and officers at the Environmental Agency who also kept a watching brief for the duration of the contract.”

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