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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

rock armour and enkamatRock armour and Geo-Textile
greenhart piles, coir palletsGreenhart piles and coir pallets

                   Construction Design Drawings
                   Environmental Monitoring
                   Expert Witness Briefs
                   Feasibility Studies
                   Planning Applications
                   Statutory Consents
                   Waste Management
          Environmental Monitoring
                   Fishery Surveys
                   River Habitat Surveys
                   Decks, Jetties and Bridges
                   Recycled Plastic
                   Stainless and Mild Steel Fabrication
          Facilities Management
                   Business and Municipal Parks and Golf Courses
                   Emergency Call Out
          Fishery Management
                   Electrofishing and Seine Netting
                   Fish Stocking & Fish Rescues
                   Fishery Surveys
                   Section 30 Consent
          Fountains and Water Features
                   Water Features
          Liners and Waterproofing
                   Bentonite Matting
                   Flexible Membranes
          Ponds and Water Gardens
                   Decks, Jetties and Bridges
                   Liner Installation and Repairs
                   Pond Cleaning & Programmed Maintenance
                   Pond Construction
                   Recirculation and Filtration
                   Reflecting Pools
                   Waterfalls, Cascades and Streams
          Reservoirs and Lakes
                   Bank Revetment
                        Live Willow
                        Planted Coir and Faggoting
                        Rock Armour
                        Wire Gabions
                   Leaks Through Embankments
                        Bentonite Trenching and Injection
                        Dam Repairs
                        Cut Off Walls
                   Fish Stocking
                   Lake Construction
                   Liner Installation
                   Reservoirs Act
                   Weed Control
                   Weirs, Sluices and Penstocks
         Rivers, Streams and Canals
                   Bank Revetment
                   Fish Stock Control and Surveys
                   Flood Alleviation Schemes
                   Gravel Riffles
                   Gravel Washing and Spawning Redds
                   Weed Screens
                   Weirs, Sluices and Penstocks
          Weed Control
                   Biological Weed Control
                   Chemical Weed Control
                   Invasive Weed Identification
                   Manual Weed Control