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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

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River Kennet Restoration and New Trout Stream (Private Estate):


In November 2010 we completed a 12 month project for a private estate in Berkshire to repair breeches in a manmade perched stream that was leaking water from the river Kennet. To reinstate 800m of brook and add a new channel of 400m to the brook. To restore and renovate control structures allow water flows through the estate. To excavate a new trout stream of 400m. To narrow part of the River Kennet and to restore the bed and banks of the Kennet that runs through the estate.



The river Kennet has been designated as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) by Natural England. The estate together with Willowbank approached Natural England with proposals to improve the Kennet and the streams running through the estate. There is a perched water course feeding water from the river Kennet to a lake. The water course was leaking approximately 18 million litres per hour. Parts of the river Kennet running through the estate had been excessively dredged and were too wide. A brook running through the estate had become choked with emergent vegetation and control structures had been bricked up and were in a state of disrepair. An additional defunct channel was proposed to be reinstated. A further new trout stream was proposed and the arisings would be used as part of the narrowing works with of the main river.


Works Carried Out:

Perched Water Course:

Plastic piles were driven into the middle of the bank in order to prevent the water migrating through the bank. Weld mesh and stone revetment was used in certain high energy positions in order to prevent erosion. Chalk was installed in areas to build up the bank. Marginal aquatic plants were planted along the banks.

Brook Reinstatement

New channel was cut, gravels were installed in bed. Addition 400m of channel was cut, sluice gate structure was installed.

New Trout Stream

400m of new sinuous stream was dug, erosion prevention weld mesh and stone revetment was installed at confluence with river Kennet.

River Kennet

Arising from brook reinstatement and new trout stream were placed behind faggot and coir revetment, in order to narrow the river and increase water speed. Weirs were reduced in height to reduce the depth of water

Client Feed Back:

 I am pleased to report that this afternoon’s visit was a great success. Both the EA and NE were happy with the works and what has been achieved. James, on behalf of the Estate, please will you thank your team for their significant efforts.

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