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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

rock armour and enkamatRock armour and Geo-Textile
greenhart piles, coir palletsGreenhart piles and coir pallets

River Avon Riverbank & Footpath Reinstatement:

In September 2011 we completed a 10week project for Bath & North East Somerset Council to restore 520m of river bank and footpath along side the river Avon at Batheaston.


Due to winter water flows eroding the bank a stretch of busy footpath totalling 520m had become impassable and had been closed to public access for a number of years. The proximity of residential garden boundaries prevented re alignment of the path so restoration of the river bank was the only solution that would allow the footpath to re open.


  • Budget
  • Only Very restricted Access from one end of the path
  • High vertical bank and deep water
  • Need to preserve tree roots and waterside habitat


In areas where there was a high vertical bank height and space was limited a new bastion design using timber posts, combined with geo textile and rock fall netting was installed.

This allowed for a high retained height to be achieved without the cost associated with piles or gabion installations.

The use of geo-textile also allowed site won fill to be used reducing the need to import large volumes of fill materials through restricted access.

In areas where the bank height was greatest a lower tier was installed to increase the retaining capacity and create marginal planting bays

Where fill was required this was moved into place via a pontoon mounted mini excavator and work boat. This avoided the need to move fill down the foot path which would have caused further surface deterioration.

In areas with less space constraints and lower bank heights faggot and planted coir erosion protection was installed and the bank profiled to a stable angle.

On completion of the bank restoration the foot path was re graded and surfaced to give a durable woodland path.