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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

rock armour and enkamatRock armour and Geo-Textile
greenhart piles, coir palletsGreenhart piles and coir pallets

We have our own well proven wayof working. Whatever you want us to do, our involvement will invariably follow a wellpractised, well-proven course. We’ll start with an initial discussion, outlining your options and offering expert help and advice. A site visit will probably follow, when we’ll assess the precise nature of the problem, quantify the work that needs to be done and decide on the optimum design solutions for the task. Once we understand the real requirements, we’ll set to work on the solution, liaising with the Environment Agency and other regulatory bodies where necessary, developing designs that meet their stringent standards and your expectations. All the essential expertise If the problem’s structural failure, our river engineers will have a signifi cant input – assessing what’s gone wrong, why it’s happened and identifying all the other factors which could have an effect on what we plan. We’ll use their design as the basis of our estimate – and once you’ve approved the timescale and likely cost, our skilled team of specialists will soon be on site to put our ideas into action.

All the resources you need

We can provide heavy plant and machinery to tackle large-scale projects; undertake composite solutions incorporating gabions or reinforced earth, piling or blockstone; combine hard engineering with natural elements such as willow spiling and faggots, and fi nish off with turf and marginal  planting to create a waterside environment that’s everything nature intended. And having done all that, we’ll doublecheck every aspect of the work – involving you in the process so you’re completely happy with the outcome. The result? A natural, sustainable solution that will stand the test of time; that combines the best of traditional
and modern methods; that encourages wildlife, enhances recreational value and meets economic and environmental concerns equally well. Now, doesn’t all that make you think Willowbank is the natural choice?

  • All marked by an abiding commitment to quality
  • All undertaken in accordance with the demanding regulatory requirements.
  • And all at your command when you work with Willowbank.