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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

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We are able to offer lake and pond surveys. If you would like to call we will be able to offer advice or if you fill in the form below we will be able to provide written advice or advise the cost of a site vist and report.

A typical report can include:

A description of the main physical features of the pond and its surroundings, together with relevant notes about the current management of the lake and potential causes of concern.
Water chemistry. water samples will be taken and sent to our credited laboratory for a range of chemical determinands e.g. pH, conductivity, potassium, chloride, alkalinity, suspended solids, ammonia, total nitrogen, total oxidised nitrogen, total phosphorus, soluble reactive phosphorus.
A list of the wetland plant species found within the outer boundary of the pond, with estimates of abundance.
Water and sediment depths measured.
A factual report describing the Biological, chemical and physical state of the lake. This report can then be used as a tool for further remedial works as required.  

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