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 Smestow Brook River Restoration

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Caesars Pond is situated in a public wooded area in North Harrow. Mature trees were restricting light getting to the pond and creating a build up of leaf matter within the pond. Additionally over time a large volume of dumped waste materials had been deposited in the lake as a result of fly tipping.

As the first stage of works to improve the site as a public space LB Harrow required the pond to be cleared of silt along with a considerable amount of debris from within the pond. All silt removed was to remain onsite for de-watering and later used for landscaping.

Pynding Mercia is a wooded area in North Harrow. LB Harrow were looking to enhance a natural wetland area and improve access as an educational location for school children.

Works Carried Out:

A bunded area within the woodland adjacent to Caesars Pond was created to hold the silt to be removed from the lake, including the installation of temporary fencing to ensure no public assess to the bund.

Water level was reduced in the pond by pumping out into an adjacent pond via a sit trap. A low ground pressure excavator was then used to load dumpers which transferred the wet silt to the bunded area.

Nicospan was also installed in two tiers at one end of the lake and back filled with silt. This created a marginal planting bay and a shallow water area which were plug planted after allowing the silt to consolidate.

At Pynding Mercia the level of a bridleway was increased and a bentonite layer installed to improve the water holding capacity of the wetland area. A new sluice structure was also installed to control water levels.

A decked walkway and footpath was then installed to separate walkers from the bridleway and create an observation point for the wetland